26cc Front-Wheel Friction Drive Bike Kit Bumble Bee Bolt-on® front drive bicycle engines are meticulously engineered to provide versatility and reliability. We are so pleased to offer you the Improved Bumble Bee Bolt-on® front drive bike motor with that wonderful 40+ year history of being America’s Favorite Bicycle Engine. Features: Works on two and three wheel bicycles Fits on practically any bicycle No added belts, chains or gears to deal with or create loss of horsepower 10 pound weight is the lightest on the market Integrated carburetor and primer pump system Clutch and throttle mounted on handle bars Top speed of 25-30 MPH 200 Smiles per gallon Simple on and off drive system that is easy to adjust Improved electronic ignition Easy start Bicycle can be ridden motorized or pedaled with no engine drag Price: $324.95