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PLEASE PLACE YOUR ORDER WITHOUT SHIPPING CHARGE.   WE CHARGE ONLY THE COST THAT WE ARE CHARGED BY THE LEAST EXPENSIVE METHOD, USUALLY USPS FLAT RATE PRIORITY. Please be sure to see the " **** SHIPPING COST/OPTIONS " page before going further. If you wish a more expensive/faster method, please note the method in the "ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS" section. If you would like to know the ship cost prior to us shipping, we are glad to do so and you should note that also in "ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS" below. FCC LICENSED OPERATORS: Note your CALL SIGN, or station call sign, in the "ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS" BELOW.THERE ARE NO HANDLING OR PACKING, ETC. CHARGES BUT FOR PRODUCT TOTALS < $ 15.00, then $3.00 added. THANK YOU!
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